Keith Painter - “Mount Victoria’s 1920s Chert Bubble.” Have you ever noticed a concrete structure high up on the hillside as you drive up the lower section of Victoria Pass? And you wondered what it was? Or have you seen the two large concrete blocks in the bush not far from the railway line on the eastern side of Mount Victoria and puzzled over their purpose?

Both are connected with 1920s chert ventures at Mount Victoria. One operation was a company, the other the Blue Mountains Shire Council. The Chert Road Metal and Timber Company Limited constructed an incline railway, the Shire used Sentinel Steam Wagons. Raglan resident Keith Painter has spent a lot of time researching the history of these ventures and recording it in two books “The Chert Bubble, Volume 1 - The Company” and “The Chert Bubble, Volume 2 - The Shire”.

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Date of Muster: 19 May 2016