Tim Cox – ‘My relationship to William Cox’. Tim has lived in the Bathurst area all his life and spent most of his time on the land. It is only in recent years that his family history has been of interest to him. He did not know that when he was in Primary school, he used to cross Cox’s Road on his way to school and on the way home! William Cox, the road builder, was born in England in 1764, and was Tim Cox’s great, great, great grandfather. Tim is descended from George of Winbourn, William’s fourth son born in 1795; Frederick Savage born in 1836; George’s 6th son, Cecil Digby born in 1871; Frederick’s 3rd son, Clifford (Sam) born in 1904; and Cecil’s 5th son. Tim is Clifford’s 1st son.

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Date of Muster: 18 May 2017