The Bathurst District Historical Society's photographic collection is the most extensive in the Central West with a massive number of images. There are well over 4,500 original glass plate negatives which depict people, events and places in Bathurst and the surrounding area in the late 1800's and early 1900's. This renowned collection of glass negatives was taken by Albert Gregory of "The Premier Studios" here in Bathurst. There are over 225,000 35mm and other negatives as well as over 21,000 original photographs in the collection.

Albert Gregory had established his photographic business in 1895 and continued his trade until at least 1937. Prior to commencing his new career at the age of 37, Gregory had resided in Orange. His studios were located at 73 William Street, Bathurst. Albert Gregory was possibly the first Bathurst photographer to use Australian made Fuller Dry Plates which were being made in Sydney in 1898. Albert Gregory owned a half plate Lancaster camera at the turn of the century with its excellent results seen in the many portraits and excellent exclusive views which were on display at his store.

The images in the society's photographic collection are especially important as they give a fascinating insight into Bathurst's history.

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